Try Googling “TDEE Calculator”. Once you plug in your stats, the site will calculate your total daily energy expenditure. This is a useful guide in determining how many calories to eat. From there, if you are trying to lose weight, just reduce your caloric intake, increase your expenditure (through exercising more), or use a combination of the two.
I will be starting my own food blog and I tend to take classic recipes as a guideline then get creative and use my flavor sense ( and 35yrs experience) to work with whatever ingredients I have on hand. Again I think people with a gift for cooking instinctively understand how to balance flavors. But hey, when I get my blog up you are welcome to come over and judge me too because I definitely color outside the lines ! The thing is… most people look up recipes because they are learning and a very complex recipe is intimidating. That’s why I am here. Keto and gluten free was not the way I ever cooked before. So I am here to learn because I admit that I don’t know everything. A little humility and gratitude goes a long way.
Sarah, We’re sorry to hear that the burn warning came on when you made this! We updated the recipe above with the following note, which hopefully will help: We’ve tested this recipe upwards of 10 times and have never had the burn warning come on; however, several readers have had the warning come on, so we want to give a tip. In step 1 of the Instructions above, after removing the bacon from the pot, we recommend adding a splash of water, and use a wooden spoon to scrape up any brown bits that have formed on the bottom to deglaze the pan. After that, continue on with step 1 and press “Cancel” to stop sauteing.
There are three instances where there’s research to back up a ketogenic diet, including to help control type 2 diabetes, as part of epilepsy treatment, or for weight loss, says Mattinson. “In terms of diabetes, there is some promising research showing that the ketogenic diet may improve glycemic control. It may cause a reduction in A1C — a key test for diabetes that measures a person’s average blood sugar control over two to three months — something that may help you reduce medication use,” she says.